Quick Samich on the Square!

So I've started the new job - and love it! Yeah MKTG! Yes - back to the world of Cincinnati ad agencies  and I get to work with a good friend - what could be better?

Some of the girls from the new place invited me to lunch - which was SO nice! We headed down to the Square and didn't have much time so we decided on Potbelly.

I've been once and wasn't too excited but when you're the new girl - you just go along with whatever. I like subs that are warmed/toasted so I was okay with it.

The one thing I don't like about Potbelly is that I always feel rushed when I order. I'm just not familiar enough with the menu. The line was HUGE but it moves very quickly and they have someone that comes around and takes your order while in line. We were probably 25 people back when they took our order - pretty amazing that it all works out!

I decided on the original vegetarian (they have a new one but it had yucky feta!). The veg came with mushrooms, swiss, provolone and cheddar cheese - can't really go wrong there!

Why Should You Go? Well if you need a quick lunch and you're near the square - go! I was shocked - we started with the line wound around to the door and still got our food and had time to sit down and eat our lunch and get back to the office! Besides that - my sub was good. That is the "big" - I've long since decided I'd rather have a large sandwich and no chips.

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  1. I really like Potbelly! I used to go there a lot more when I lived in Oakley, and haven't as much lately. I really like their Italian, Meatball and Chicken Salad! Glad you had a good experience :)