Try the salad - it's a Killer!

Sorry it's been a while since my last review - with being out of work for a month (now gainfully employed again!) and moving (oye) - it's been a bit cra-cra in the Johnson household! 

But with a new job - downtown - comes new places for the Food Hussy to visit! We are in - as I like to refer to it - the "crotch" of downtown. No idea why I say that - but we're near where all the interstates collide and it is just crotch-like. 

In this area - there are not a lot of restaurants in walking distance - like maybe 3. But that's okay - one is right across the street and is really yummy! It's Deli seven20! Now while their website doesn't seem like much - I do also like their Facebook page because they always have the daily specials there. 

The first day I tried a combo for $8 with a cup of soup and a half-salad. I also got a bag of their homemade chips.

The salad I tried was "The Killer" and it is my favorite! It normally comes with either grilled chicken or tofu - but I asked for portabella mushrooms instead and they were happy to oblige. It comes with 2 dressings - a spicy ranch and salsa. My favorite thing by far about this salad is the roasted corn - it's soooo sweet and just bursts flavor in your mouth. I always get this!

I've tried a couple of the soups - the Fiesta Veggie Bean was just okay. Lacked salt and was too much just a vegetable soup. Meh. The Chicken Chili on the other hand was great! I figured it would be a white chili - but it was a red. Loved it.

The chips are pretty good - they're really well done - so pretty hard and crunchy - thick. Just an fyi - I didn't love them but I did appreciate them - if that makes any sense.

I also tried a sandwich special - it was fine...The "ring dang doo" is pretty popular from what I hear (roast pork loin, smoked gouda, roasted red peppers & sweet chili mayo on focacci). I like that everything is really fresh - but I'm not much of a cold-sandwich I think I'll stick with either a large Killer or a combo with soup & salad. 

Why Should You Go: The price is $8-10 depending on if you get chips/soda/cookie/ it's not cheap - but it's good and feels fairly healthy. Most of all - you can tell it's fresh - which I really like! I don't know that it's worth a trip downtown - but if you're in the P&G/Sawyer Point vicinity - it's a good option. 

I also hear rumblings of a deli/salad bar in the "book building" across the street - I think I'll have to venture over there. The construction workers swear by it and say it's half the price. The girls here say it's not as good. Sounds like a job for the Food Hussy! :-)

And go enter to win a 6 pack of Graeters - if you win - will you send it to my Mom? I can't enter! 

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