Awesome Ribs and a New Restaurant

I've been chatting for quite a while with Matt from Just Q'in on Twitter but never actually met him or tasted his food. Up until very recently he's just had a food truck & catering business - but now - he's got a restaurant too! 

Matt has opened up a carryout restaurant in Newtown and in preparation for that - he dropped off a rack of ribs for me to try! 

There was also a side of sauce with them as well. I have to say - the aroma filled the house the second he brought them in. Larry and I were practically drooling right then and there!

I have mainly had ribs with lots of sauce - but these came with the dry rub seasoning on them and I decided to just try them first like that - "naked" if you will.

Let me just say - I didn't even try the sauce! These ribs were soooooo amazing! Fall-off-the-bone delicious is probably the best way to describe these ribs. We had those ribs gone in less than 10 minutes - no sides, no plates, no silverware - just devouring at the kitchen counter!

Why Should You Go? These ribs were so delicious! So - if you're looking for amazing ribs, catering or are in the vicinity of Newtown - get over to Just Q'in!!!

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