Cheap Buffet...and bad Taco Pizza

In our land of new restaurants - we actually had a "daily deal" for a place we hadn't tried - Carmela's Pizza & Buffet on Kemper in Springdale. I don't remember what site we got it from - but it was for a pizza, two apps or salads and two drinks (I think). 

We didn't realize - it's more of a buffet than a order & wait pizza place. The buffet is really large and surprisingly they have SO much more than just pizza! They had lasagna, chicken, ribs, mac & cheese, etc... plus a big salad bar. That was what most folks were coming in for. And it's really affordable as well - it's only $7.49 with a beverage! (lunch & dinner).

But since we had our coupon - we found a couple of appetizers to try. Larry wanted the garlic knots. They were okay - a little cold, very salty and lots and lots and lots of garlic. Nothing compared to the ones at Brunos. They are really cheap though - only $1.99 for a large order.

We also got the mozzarella sticks ($7.99) and they were pretty good - battered and the marinara was tasty. We liked these a lot.

Larry let me choose the pizza - and he shouldn't have. We got a taco pizza. It wasn't very good. We only ate a couple of pieces and took the rest home but never touched it. The meat was kinda gross and the onions & peppers were a bit too raw. Like they made a cheese pizza and threw the rest on top. It just wasn't good. The crust was nothing to write home about either...

Why Should You Go? Well - don't go for the taco pizza - but at $7.49 for the buffet - if you're in the area - it might be worth a try.

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  1. I've only ever been to one buffet that I really loved (usually I don't care for them)...the brunch buffet at Ramsi's Cafe in Louisville. Amazing food, and a lot of vegetarian/vegan options (not that I'm either). There was an excellent omelet station, delicious salads, traditional and unique breakfast favorites, and a dessert table that made my jaw drop! I can't wait to go back!

  2. Have they closed? My husband and I went to the Panera nearby and I did not see the sign. However, I was in a mad rush to get a bagel so maybe I just overlooked it.

  3. The pizza buffets I've been to seem to be dialing in the flavor and texture to match the palette of their main constituents - kids. Which is great if you're in a nostalgic mood, but not so much if you're thinking of real "grown-up" pizza. At least they make up for it by being a bargain.

  4. I used to work at one of them not gonna mention which one, but the meat for the taco pizza you got most likely ad been in the walk-in fridge for over a month they only change it when they run out. That is just the tip of the iceberg of the bad business and health practices there I for one and everyone i have told all the bad stuff to will NEVER eat there. I am really surprised more people have not gotten food poisoning from the VERY VERY unsanitary conditions behind the counter.