FINALLY! Taqueria Mercado

Well it's only taken like 3 years since I first heard about Taqueria Mercado for me to get there and try it! I've heard it's one of the more authentic and tasty Mexican restaurants in town.

It took my family coming down from Minnesota and staying nearby for me to try it - but it definitely won't be my last trip!

I branched out - they had Tortas ($5.50!!) on the menu - which I'd heard of but never tried. I got a Torta with Carnitas - it also came with avocado, beans, lettuce, sour cream and jalapenos. The bread comes fresh from their bakery next door.

Let me just say - BEST. SANDWICH. EVER. Like I seriously will never get anything else (except maybe some cheese dip) - this was sooooo amazing and fresh and just plain freakin delicious!!!

Larry got the Camarones ala Plancha (small - $9.49) and while he's not a big fan of Mexican - he did like this. (Who doesn't like Mexican????)

Aunt Marty went for the Shrimp Fajitas ($10.99) and approved as well. 

Mmmmm avocado! Marty didn't want hers so I stacked it on my torta! I can't get enough avocado!

The margaritas were pretty stiff as expected - I went for one small. That was the only negative to comment on - I asked for extra salt and actually got less. Huh? We'll forgive them that one!

Can't really remember what Uncle Bruce got - but he was again - very pleased! 

As I mentioned, they also have a bakery. This was in the cooler and I don't know what the hell it is - but who wouldn't want some of that?!!!!

I did run to the bakery and grab a couple of churros as well for breakfast the next day. Delicious! They were HUGE and sooooo good! I heated them up a lil bit and amazingness!

Why Should You Go? The torta is reason enough for a visit - especially at only $5.50! And don't forget stopping by the bakery.

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