New Greek Food for Me!

So as I've mentioned a couple of times - we've recently moved to a new neighborhood and for a food hussy like me - it's so fun to try all the new places in my 'hood! We were tired of fast food and decided to try out the Blublu Greek Restaurant on Hamilton Ave.

We called in an order for a couple of gyros to go but once we went in to pick them up - we noticed all the other great stuff they have! These are traditional Greek dishes and we are excited to try them! Things like Pastitsio, Stuffed Peppers and a dish that ALWAYS reminds me of one of my favorite movies - My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Mousaka!! (Moose Caca?)

Rather than boring old fries we decided to go for the lemon-roasted potatoes and rice for side dishes. Larry has been having a hankering for rice. The potatoes had a lot of flavor but it would have been nice if they'd been a little crispier.

We both got gyros with everything. They were pretty good - fresh and lots of toppings - lettuce was unique but we liked it. It added a nice cool crispness to them. They were a little more light on the meat compared to other gyros I've had but the total gyro was definitely filling. 

Why Should You Go? It's a nice diversion from the chains in the area and it's ethnic - which (other than Chinese) is rare up here! We have already been back a couple of times. Also to note - they do have a few tables inside so you can eat-in as well but I think a great deal of their business is to-go. For nicer weather, there is a patio as well.

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  1. I keep wanting to try this for lunch, but they're not open for lunch through the week. I guess I'll have to stop for dinner after work sometime. And you're right, non-chain and ethnic is a very rare thing in that part of town.

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