50% off Fresh Produce with Green Bean & Food Hussy!

Green Bean Delivery is a business based out of Indiana that delivers fresh produce to your door. They started with just Indianapolis & Cincinnati and now have six cities around the Tri-State that they're delivering to. 

They provided me a free bin of produce to try out the service and tell all of you about it! Think about the New Years Resolutions you made to eat healthier - here's a great way to get started!!! I've got a 50% off code for you on your first bin with Green Bean! Here's the code to enter: FHbrAB when you're on the signup page

They have multiple bin sizes and let me try the small $35 bin - which you can have delivered every week or every other week. Here's what I got in my $35 bin: 

They try and source produce locally as much as possible - but admit that it's more difficult in the winter months. The thing I like is it gave me a chance to try some new things like crimini mushrooms and pink lady apples and revisit yummy things I haven't had for years like acorn squash! 

I haven't priced this out and compared it to Kroger but I definitely think it's comparable - especially when you consider it's dropped at your doorstep! If you're an adventurous cook it's fun too because you always get a surprise! 

Here is the kale and lettuce as well as one of the apples and a couple of the mushrooms. 

Then here's a quick shot of the rest of the bin - the bag has broccoli in it. 

With all of these fresh items - I decided to make pork chops and roasted vegetables for dinner! 

I diced potatoes, carrots (which I had), onions, mushrooms, broccoli and squash (peeled first - that's a PITA) and roasted them at 400 for 30-40 minutes or so with garlic, seasoning and olive oil. Then I added the pork chops.

This was a really great dinner - I cooked the pork chops a little too long - but the vegetables were so delicious. My favorite might have been the squash - I forgot how much I love acorn squash. My Dad used to make it all the time - I think I might have to start making it myself! 

Thanks so much to Green Bean for the free bin and I hope some of you that have been thinking about trying this out will give it a whirl with my 50% off code: FHbrAB. You enter it from the signup page

(FYI - the code is only good for 7 days and is valid for new members or reactivations.)



  1. This is awesome, I had just found out about them a couple of weeks ago and had been considering giving it a try. Thank you!

  2. I just signed up as well. Great idea!