A couple weeks ago, our account team decided to bust me away from my desk for lunch and we headed down to Smashburger in NKY. 

I'd heard about them for quite a while and once I walked in, it reminded me of the now-defunct Fatburger from Oakley. The setup is very similar - and it all reminds me of the "fast-casual" style restaurant that America's Next Great Restaurant was trying to go for (and now the winner is all shut down).

One coworker swears by the sweet potato fries and they were tasty! 

Another is a fan of their Smashfries which have rosemary, olive oil and garlic - very good there too!

She also went for the Small Smash - which as you can tell is about half the size of a regular Smash.

I bucked the trend alltogether and went for fried pickles! I chose the Classic with Cheese and added bacon.

While it was a couple of weeks ago that I went - I do remember I really liked everything. They were telling me that the regular Smash is a BIG burger and they were right. This was a big and tasty burger. The fried pickles were pretty good but a little under-done.

Why Should You Go? If you liked FatBurger - you'd probably like Smashburger. It's also similar to Five Guys...I did like the "unique" factor they throw at you with some of their toppings (avocado, multi-grain bun, buffalo sauce).

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  1. the little burger is still served on a big bun?

  2. I loved this place when I ate here too... loved those fries with rosemary and olive oil... delish! I'll have to try the sweet potato fries. Their burgers were juicy and tasty too, I can't wait to go back. Oh and I didn't know Souldaddy closed down! Off to read the article :)