Kikkoman Kara-Age Soy Ginger Seasoned Coating Mix

I've been a member of FoodBuzz for a couple of years now and one of the benefits - besides the $17/month in ad revenue (click the banner ads - click click click!) - they send me products to try from time to time. 

Recently they sent me a free box of Kikkoman Kara-Age Soy Ginger Seasoned Coating Mix - that's a mouthful! 

I had some chicken thighs and breasts in the freezer so I decided to try my hand at making some "chicken nuggets". 

It was pretty easy - you just cut the chicken up, throw the pieces in a ziploc bag with the pouch of seasoning and then fry them. I used a big stock pot and put 1/4-1/2" oil in the bottom of the pot - mainly so I would have a lid and dropped them in once the oil was bubbling. 

I really have never fried things like this before and it's a bit messy - every time you lift the lid - splatter splatter! But it wasn't difficult at all and thankfully I bought some cheap metal tongs at the flea market the weekend before! 

You don't want to put all the chicken in the pan at once - otherwise it won't really fry up - so I did it in three small "batches". The first two batches turned out better than the last - by the last the oil was a bit "used" and they came out a little darker.

I was surprised at the amount of flavor that the coating mix did have - I'm not a huge fan of ginger but it wasn't overwhelming. Overall - I'm not sure I would purchase this product - but I will definitely use the second pouch from the box.

I think I just don't fry things enough to really buy the product - but since it wasn't difficult - I would recommend it if you like homemade chicken nuggets. It's also recommended with fish - I'll likely use the second pouch for that to try it out.

The Kikkoman website also has recipes for the product as well.

And I made some acorn squash to go with the nuggets - I forget how much I love squash! My Dad made me eat every vegetable under the sun as a kid - so I love brussel sprouts and all that kinda stuff. My vege box from Green Bean Delivery a while back had a couple squash and what a refreshing change from corn & broccoli!

Thanks to FoodBuzz and Kikkoman for letting me try your new product!


  1. corn is NOT a vegetable!

  2. Just an fyi for you next time just put them in the oven! I dont fry anything anymore everything that is supposed to be fried gets baked and I actually like it better and its so much healthier for you...Just thought I would share that tip with you.....


  3. I made this a while back for Foodbuzz Tastemaker's program and I was also pleasantly surprised by the ginger smell.