Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese - wowza!

I've heard lots of peeps rave about Tom + Chee - I had only been once when it was on Fountain Square and wasn't too excited. So - I decided to give it another shot - and see their new physical location on Court Street. 

The menu is up on boards around you when you walk in and is pretty overwhelming. I know this is popular - but when your menu is this big - it's hard to make a decision when you're standing in line with impatient customers.

I was with a couple of friends and it was a week ago - so sadly I don't remember what this is. But Ryan was pretty happy with his lunch and I have to say - their Grilled Cheese side salad ($5 on it's own) looked awesome! So many veggies and chunks of grilled cheese groutons! You can't go wrong there!

Beth, my gluten-free friend was rebelling and going for the gluten with her sandwich (again - don't remember) and the tomato soup of the day. She also was happy. We were noting that the sandwiches are a bit greasy...

I decided to be a little crazy and go for the grilled macaroni & cheese grilled cheese - along with a cup of broccoli cheese soup. The macaroni & cheese grilled cheese is as decadent and rich as it sounds - it was good but heavy and a bit greasy (shocker). I'm not expecting health food - OBVIOUSLY - but all three of us felt the sandwiches were a little too greasy.

The soup was a huge standout! I'm not usually a fan of soups that don't have chunks in them - this was fairly pureed with little specs of broccoli throughout but it was DELICIOUS! I would go back for this soup for sure! And I might get that salad that looked so awesome!

Yes - looking at that again, I think my arteries are hardening as we speak.

Why Should You Go? Well - again - after a second try - I'm not a huge fan. It was fine - but probably not a place I would choose given the chance. The soup was really great and the salad was big! This location is also VERY busy during the lunch hour - so expect some awkward time giving people the stink eye so you can get a table.

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  1. Just an FYI, you can request them to go light on the butter when you order. That's what I've done in the past.

  2. When is the Quarter Bistro?

  3. Your friend is cute. BTW you can request for a light mac and cheese grilled cheese.

  4. Your friend is a GEEK!