My New Neighborhood Diner

With our new-found neighborhood, there's a new diner up in the center of town that we have been wanting to try for sometime. We headed to Brotherton's one Sunday for a brunch of sorts. They don't really serve brunch - but I got breakfast and Larry got lunch - so BRUNCH! 

As always, I have to try the biscuits and gravy - this is a half-order. It was okay - not as good as Bluebird. I'm convinced some of these other folks don't use cream/milk in their gravy. It just tasted a little watery and too much pepper. 

I also got eggs, sausage and toast. Again - the sausage - not as good as Bluebird. It was fine but nothing to get too excited about.

Larry went for his traditional "first time in a diner" meal and got a steak hoagie. He also thought it was fine but nothing special.

Why Should You Go? It's pretty standard diner fare - and the staff is very friendly. It's ALWAYS busy - so I think the neighborhood loves it. There's another diner down the street that is always empty - so I think if you're in Mt. Healthy - you go to Brotherton's. It very much has that small-town feel - which we liked. I'm sure there is something there that will be my favorite - I just have to find it.

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  1. Yes I have been to Brotherton's before too with my family who lives in Mt Healthy... I think it is a neighborhood staple but I don't remember being blown away by it either. You sound like a breakfast kinda gurl like me :)

  2. So when are we going to meet at the Bluebird? We love it for a cool, friendly neighborhood place too!