Project Runway Anyone? (GIVEAWAY!!!!)

So I'm not sure how many of you are Project Runway fans - but I am a big one!!! It's one of those shows that the first few seasons slipped past me but once I jumped on the train - I couldn't let go!

Well the Smart Talk series has brought wonderful speakers to the Cincinnati area for years - and most of the time these speakers are women. But this year - we get a dude! And that dude:

Hell yeah - it's Tim Gunn!

The mission of Smart Talk is to connect, educate and inspire women of all ages and backgrounds by providing an entertaining and unique experience that will fuel her mind and touch her heart. Well - we all know that our beloved Tim can do all that and more! I think it's great that they're embracing men this year and bringing him into the fold. 

Other speakers this year will be Arianna Huffington, Kara DioGuardi (she who ruined American Idol), Vy Higginsen and Andie MacDowell. 

I'll be attending each show as well as giving away a pair of tickets to each show. So let's get this Giveaway going! 

Please only enter if you can attend the show - it's next Saturday night (Jan 14) at 730pm. In your entry be sure to include your email or twitter so I can get in touch with you quickly. 

Let me know one reason you love Tim Gunn or one thing you'd like to ask him! 

Or if you would like to purchase your own Smart Talk tickets - you still can! They have 1-show, 3-show and season tickets available. Single show tickets for Tim Gunn start at only $25! 

I'll draw the winner next Wednesday (Jan 11) so I have time to contact them and make sure they can attend.


  1. I would love to enter. I really admire Tim Gunn. He's a man of impeccable taste and comes across as a very genuine personality. His video on YouTube for the "It Gets Better" project was inspiring for everyone, not just LGBT folks. I'm not sure what I would want to ask him, beyond where he looks to for inspiration for his personal fashion sense. That's all. Thanks!

  2. Make it work!!

    I love TG.


  3. I really like the relationship that he has with the contestants on Project Runway. He seems like a genuinely kind person. An e-mail to reach me would be

  4. Congrats to arnolde8383!!!! You'll be seeing Tim Gunn Saturday night!