Yeah!!!! The Cursed Spot is Uncursed!!

Sometimes there's a business location that always fails and you can never figure out why. It seems like a great spot - the food isn't bad - but yet - FAILURE. Well there's a spot in East Hyde Park that has been just that. It's got a HUGE patio, great location and nothing works there. 

Hopefully - the curse is now broken!!!! Keystone recently opened on Erie and is doing gangbusters from what I can tell! I first had Keystone in Covington and loved it - so was really giddy when they were moving up to my neighborhood. Their brunch is FANTASTIC! 

Well - now that it was open - I had to tell some folks about it! My good friend Danielle lives just up the road so a group of us decided to go there for dinner one night. 

I was also told before I went to bring something home for the husband. I got him buffalo wings ($7.99) but had to try one and they were REALLY good. Not too spicy and very meaty. I would definitely get these again!

I went for the Black Sabbath ($8.99) with steak and mushrooms as my mac & cheese of choice for dinner. I always think it doesn't seem like much food when they bring it - and then halfway through I realize - wow - that's a lot of mac & cheese.

It's not your Kraft Mac & Cheese but it's also not the homemade kind my mom used to make (gak). It's creamy and very very very very cheesy - but also has flavor and bite to the noodles. I'm a fan.

I really have no recollection of what my friend got - but she liked the chips. The tables all have their house-made bbq sauce for them as well.

My other friend Karen got the Buffalo Chicken Salad ($9.99) and practically licked the plate clean. So I  think she liked it. :-)

Why Should You Go? I'm a big fan of Keystone - great food, great specials (1/2 price Mac & Cheese on Mondays, 1/2 price Quesadillas on Tuesdays) and a great patio (oh when is Spring here again?). The brunch is also fantastic (potato crisp thingy - TO DIE FOR!). And if you're not familiar with their Mac & Cheese/Quesadilla menus (linked above) - check them out - there are SO many selections - good stuff!  Yeah for Keystone in Hyde Park!!!!!

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