Giveaway: Smart Talk Women - Arianna Huffington

Yes - it's time for another giveaway. This one has little food involved (thought there are a few noshes before the show) but is a really great time! 

SmartTalk Women is back with another speaker in just 2 weeks! This time it's Arianna Huffington and she'll be talking about becoming fearless in love, work and life - I think I need to see this! I could definitely use help in all of those areas!

I'm giving away a pair of tickets to see Arianna at the Aronoff on Feb 22 at 730pm! So if you want to go see Arianna - leave a comment with your contact info on this blog entry!!

Now - if you're not familiar with SmartTalk - their mission is to connect, educate and inspire women of all ages and background by providing an entertaining and unique experience that will fuel her mind and touch her heart!

Recently my friend Beth and I went to the first speaker in the series: TIM GUNN!!!!

Before the show there was a meet & greet where we had a few nibbles and got to meet and chat with Tim! He was just as nice and friendly as you could imagine. So warm - there's nothing like a Tim Gunn hug - I can say that!

He was the SmartTalk series first MALE speaker - and he was fantastic. We got LOTS of great fun scoop and behind-the-scenes info about Project Runway and some nice fashion lessons along the way as well.

And here I am with the man himself! Beth was a little starstruck but I chatted him up. I said he could feel free to tell me how bad I looked since my mom gave me the jacket, my husband gave me the necklace and my sister gave me the headband! (No Tim's not making bunny ears on me - that's my South Korean headband from Sis!)

Tim said he thought I looked fine and that my jacket was...wait for it...FASCINATING!!!! Yeah Mom, Tim Gunn thought the jacket you bought me was FASCINATING! Pretty cool!

So the SmartTalk series definitely kicked off with a FASCINATING bang thanks to Tim Gunn - I really can't wait to hear the rest of the speakers.

And for the giveaway - please only enter if you can go to the show - again it's Wed Feb 22 at 730pm. I'll be there with my friend Jen this time...Beth is kinda jealous!

Also - Jen is the author of a great book called Cincinnati Day Trips - check it out!

Please be sure to leave a way to contact you if it's not obvious in your Google profile - twitter, facebook, email, blog - anything! 


  1. Hey Hussy, I'm interested and you have my contact info :)

  2. I want to go! (You know how to get a hold of me)

  3. I'm excited! She is one of my role models!

  4. I'm guessing this give-away has already been established (Feoshia?) but thought I'd comment about how much I'd love to go anyway, just in case... Thanks!