Al Amir Cafe

A few weeks back I saw another bloggers recommendation of Al-Amir in Cincinnati. I trust her opinions and decided to check it out myself. We weren't exactly sure when we were walking where it was - but it's in the former "little" Mythos on Vine. 

The first thing on the menu that caught was the greek fries - I've had some instances of greek fries other places and had to try these. They were very different than what I had before at Greek to Me - but these were even better! Those basically just had a lemon seasoning salt on top - these were coated with a seasoning PLUS olive oil and feta. Delish!

I got the gyro and it was fine - nothing too special but it was good. 

Beth got the greek salad that Liz recommended and shocker - I was drooling and wishing I had gotten it! She was a bit worried since it looked heavily seasoned but it wasn't spicy or anything like that. It definitely looked tasty.

Why Should You Go? I'll say this - I was a bit worried because one note said it was the same owners as Jordan Valley - which I was NOT a fan of. But again - Liz recommended. I would recommend but for take-out. There are maybe 5 tables and while the kitchen area didn't seem to bad - the tables and walls on the eating side - are dirty. But like I said - the food is good and affordable. Just get it take out and head to Fountain Square.

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As we headed down - I had to get change for the meter and went into Freshii. I thought - oh I'll just buy a cookie and get change back. So I picked up this one. IT WAS $2.50 FOR A DAMN SMALL COOKIE!

I have to say - not worth it. It wasn't that good.

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