Computer Blue? No...Copper Blue!

For a while now on our weekend drives - I've been past Copper Blue in Milford and wanted to stop - but it just was never the right timing. Finally - we had our perfect chance! 

It's on Main Street and as you can see - sort of across from Big Lots - if that helps you at all! 

The menu is big and a bit overwhelming - I'm so indecisive at new places - but a lot of it looked really tasty! 

I don't care if my food turned out like poop on a plate - I already was planning my next visit to try the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding!!!! I was too full this time - but next time - I might just get that as an appetizer!

Larry got Tony's Italian Meat Hoagie ($8.29) with a side of broccoli. He really enjoyed this sandwich and so did I - I always sneak a bite - it's for the blog! It's for the blog!

I went out on a limb a bit and got the Bratwurst Burger ($8.49)! I love those Bratwurst burger patties - so I knew I'd like it. It had a hot onion & cabbage slaw, mustard and a slice of melted jack cheese - DELICIOUS! They have a lot of interesting sides too - one of which was sweet potato tater tots!!!! I was so in on that one and they were delicious!!!!!

Why Should You Go? We were extremely pleased with our visit and will definitely be back. The prices are reasonable and there are a lot of menu items we both wanted to try. It's worth a special trip!

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  1. Thanks for the review - my daughter lives almost across the street from there and we've been wanting to try it. I prefer to try new places after someone I know has been there and can recommend it.