Food Hussy Faves!

I was just bragging up a product favorite of mine to a coworker and decided I should share some of my favorites with all of you. It's just random things I love and am subsequently now addicted to. These are all non-paid, unsolicited loves - just to be clear. 

First up - V8 Splash Berry Blend. I really don't like fruit juice - too much acid. But one day Larry was drinking this and I was thirsty and too lazy to get off the couch and tried it. HOLY COW! I was instantly addicted! It's fruity, sweet and refreshing. This is a staple and in the cart every single week! 
(Price: $2.19)
Ah the cinnamon sugar butter spread from Land O'Lakes. I first bought this because of a coupon I had which made it free. So sure - I'll try something free. But again - instantly hooked. We went through the first container in about 2 days! It's really perfect on toast and makes boring whole grain toast a snack! (Price: $2.50)

I have problem hair...seriously. It's thick, coarse and curly - but not curly like I just stepped out of a salon ad - curly like I look like I just woke up pretty much all day long. It's frizzy and just a pain in the a**. In my never-ending trial of every curly haired product on the market - I came across Garnier's Wonder Waves Spray. I love it! It keeps my hair curly like a spray gel would but it's much lighter and not sticky and crunchy. It's my favorite! Of course - I don't think they are really making it any more because the ONLY place I can find it is CVS. So every time they have their 3 for $10 promotion (plus Extra Bucks) I buy 3 of them (I just did yesterday). This stuff is my favorite and is far more effective than the EXPENSIVE Ouidad that is supposedly made for curly hair. I tried that once - at $22/bottle - my hair was frizzier and drier than if I'd let it air dry all day! 
(Price: $3.50)

I like American cheese and always was fine with the Kraft singles slices...until my husband came along. He then introduced me to Land O'Lakes American cheese (I know - LOL should throw me some goodies for all this love I'm sending their way!). This stuff is the best! We go through a pound in about 3 days (mostly hubby). It's creamy and just so tasty! Plus - we had it - unbeknownst to us - on one of our first dates. So here's a secret tip for you - Quatman's uses LOL cheese! Also - they used to be a grocery store and still sell deli meat & cheese - and here's the best part - it's $2/lb cheaper at Quatman's than at Meijer/Kroger!!!! So - next time you're there for a burger - get some cheese to take home! You won't be sorry! 
(Price: $4.99/lb)

Last up for today is Brianna's Poppy Seed Dressing. My good friend Katie introduced this to me at Bible Study. We'd get together for dinner before and she would always have this for the salad. I swear I tried to sneak it out the door in my purse! It's creamy but not like ranch - more mellow. 
(Price: $4ish - I can't remember)

So there you have it - some of my favorite products - feel free to share some of yours with me! I'm always looking for new things to love! 


  1. Here's another tip about the cheese - Kroger brand American is LOL cheese made under the Kroger label for them. Cheaper that way too!

  2. Have to say thanks for the tip on Wonder Waves - found it at Walmart in Milford yesterday. LOVE it!!