Taco Thursday at Bayou Fish House!

As many of you know - I'm a pretty avid Twitterer and have been following Bayou Fish House since they opened in the former spot of Nuvo on York Street in Newport. 

Well they kept tweeting about fish tacos and I finally had to take the bull by the horns and grab my coworkers and go! Even though Thursday is our busy day - we headed out for some good eats! 

It looks a lot different than Nuvo inside but it's a much different type of place. This is casual dining at it's best. Terry was cooking up some delicious food and it was pretty much a one-man operation here  - and he was fantastic! The menu is on the wall so just let him know what you want and he'll prompt you for other goodies along the way. There are a handful of tables but there's quite a bit of take-out ordering as well. 

Matt & Beth - well - they're special coworkers. 

In addition to the fish tacos, we all got sides. I tried the gumbo ($2.25) and it was AMAZING! So thick and rich and dark and flavorful! It was also fairly spicy - I was glad I had the sweet tea to calm it down. Wowza! This was delicious!

Terry told us about something new on their menu - Bayou Bites. They are jalapeno rings, battered and fried and served with a spicy sauce (mayo based I'm guessing). These were AWESOME! Matt was kind enough to share and thank goodness - I'm getting these for myself next time!

A few weeks ago - an anonymous commenter said my coworker Beth was "cute" - so I decided to put up another pic of her. You might wanna rethink that one anonymous! HAHAHAHA - JUST KIDDING!!! I love my Beth - we were having a very fun lunch that day.

She went for the cole slaw as her side ($2.25) - it was pretty good - she liked that it wasn't overly creamy.

And finally - the fish taco goodness. On Thursday these are $6.95 and they're starting to add in Shrimp Tacos (omg - I'll be right there!). I think Terry said these were made with whiting and they had the same sauce as the bayou bites. Amazing! And with three of them - we definitely didn't need the sides - they were so filling! Every one of us was raving over these fish tacos - they are awesome. 

I also tried a couple bites of the fish on it's own - so delicious! Crisp, flaky and not greasy. They have a good thing going here! 

Why Should You Go? Um - cuz it's awesome!!! I know we'll be back! 

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  1. Thanks for the awesome photos, HJ! ;-) People, this place is NOT to be missed...git yerself over there neow!

  2. I really need to start eating before I sit down to catch up on my food blogs. Those tacos look killer!