ABC's of Dining: The Letter R - Richard's Pizza

I'm still making my way through the alphabet and finally got to the letter R. With as busy as work and life are - it takes me about a month to get to each letter. It's slow going...but I will conquer the alphabet! 

I have to say though - this one was just finding the time - I drive by Richard's every Sunday when we get our nieces in Hamilton. Normally they are screaming for McDonalds or Wendys - but I said "How about pizza?" and they jumped at it. Whew! 

Richard's has a lot of "Mediterranean" items on the menu (greek pizza/salad, pasta, etc...) but we just went for pizza and breadsticks. It's hard to be adventurous with a 5 and 7 year old that live on chicken nuggets. 

Here are the breadsticks with cheese - very fluffy and good - they also douse them with the garlic butter so a bit oily. Far better than LaRosa's sticks with cheese though...

And the 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 cheese pizza (ugh - kids). I swear - if I had kids - they would not be the kind that ate 3 things (chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza) - but alas I don't have kids and have to do the best I can with the 3 hours a week I get with these two munchkins. I tried and begged for vegetables and they just mocked me. 

The pizza is good - I really like the thin-ish crust and the ample cheese and sauce. The crust is crispy and the cheese was bubbly. I was barely able to save two pieces for Larry since he was home sick that day - the kids were scavengers! 

Why Should You Go? It's a good pizza. Is it "drive out of the way" good? Meh...but it is good and I would most definitely go again.

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  1. FYI You just jinxed yourself. If/When you have kids - they will totally eat only three things.

  2. The steak hoagie at Richards is OUT OF THE WAY GOOD. Best, best, best. Do not go another month without trying one, dammit.

  3. Melissa - no worries on that - I have old eggs. HAHAHA

  4. You missed the steak hoagy which is the "thing" to get from Richards! Now you have to go back...

  5. I agree with everyone, you are missing out if you didn't try the Steak Sandwich from Richard's. That is what they are famous for, and my Aunt that moved out of state gets EVERY single time she is home =)