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We have some good friends in the Beavercreek area that we don't see NEAR enough - but when we do - it's always a food adventure. I ate my first tongue taco with these folks - that's how you know they're good people. 

They had heard good things about Woody's B-B-Q and it's pretty even between their current house and their new house. I love the old 70's look to the building... It is a chain - but there are only 2 in Ohio. 

The first thing I saw when I walked in the door was this damn pie! They have what they call "Sky High Pies" - I guess we know why.

The next fun thing I spotted on the menu was Beans N' Franks. I mean - seriously - I gotta give big love to any restaurant that has this on the menu!

First we had a couple of apps - it had deep fried squash and I wasn't quite sure if it would be zucchini squash or acorn squash. I was actually hoping for the latter...but no it was the kind that is more like zucchini. It was fine - not much flavor. Larry's daughter was with us and is a pretty picky eater and I think she ate 75% of them. We were pretty shocked!

We also had the mushrooms - these were really good - a little more cooked than the squash and very tasty.

Most of us got pretty much the same thing - ribs and stuff. I went for ribs and shrimp which also came with 2 sides and Texas toast.

The shrimp was really good - plump and juicy. The ribs were okay but as you can see they were a little overdone and there wasn't a ton of meat. The meat was tasty and had good flavor.

I chose the beans and sweet tater for the sides. The beans were a little under done for my taste but great flavor. I think I need to make some baked beans since I found that dutch oven for $2 at an estate sale! The sweet potato was fine...very well done - soft and sweet.

Larry's daughter went for wings and told us she could handle the medium - she couldn't. But Larry and I could. Pretty good.

Why Should You Go? Even though it's a chain - it feels like a local place. The staff is all extremely friendly and it has a great feeling. The food is good and you definitely won't leave hungry! Is it the best BBQ I've had? No...but we all did enjoy it.

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