Pelican's Reef

Every once in a while I get emails from local restaurants or staff asking me to try their place out - and sometimes I'm really quick. Other times...not so much! Three years ago (I'm guessing) one of the staff from Pelican's Reef on Beechmont told me I should come in and do a review...oops. Better late than never!

I decided to start with a cup of Lobster Bisque ($3.25) - it was a bit cold that day and this sounded nice and toasty.

It was okay - I tend to like soups better that have chunks in them - but I understand a bisque doesn't. That said - I sort of thought there would be pieces of lobster. There weren't still had a decent flavor.

Meals started with a salad as well - it was fine - regular Caesar salad - nothing too fancy.

Our friend Rachel went for the Fish Tacos ($9.95). They looked okay but Bayou Fish House seems more my style. 

Dani & I went for the Seafood Enchiladas ($13 I think). They came with a side of dirty rice - which was dry and undercooked. The enchiladas were fine and had a lot of shrimp in them. I wish they'd had a little more crab in them.

Dani was very pleased with her enchiladas - but we were all starving! :-)

She also decided to take a slice of key lime pie home with her. Our server forgot to add this to her bill so Dani mentioned it and they just said - don't worry about it. So service and hospitality is very nice. 

Why Should You Go? Well unfortunately I didn't care for the food too much. I would have tried some of their seafood rather than the enchiladas but those dishes were all more in the $20 price range and I was trying to stay on budget a bit more. The service was great and very friendly. It's got the feel of a sports bar so it's casual and comfy. There's also outdoor seating for the nicer weather. 

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  1. It sounds like a child wrote this review.

  2. I am a child at heart - thanks Megan!

  3. Was that your Tweet I saw on Dancing With the Stars?

  4. I agree with the child comment...not a very in-depth review. Also your price for the seafood is wrong, most of the menu is under $15. Great value for the quality of food this joint puts out. This is the best kept secret on the East side...not another seafood place that can compete at their price point in all of cincy. It has been my experience that i need to visit a place a few times to provide an adequate review.

  5. The specials that were for grilled fish were in the $18-20 range - next time I'll take a picture of the menu so I don't get called a liar.

    To me - more than half the menu was fried and that doesn't really say "great, fresh seafood" to me.

  6. I think you should keep to reviewing food that more suits your taste - Chucky Cheese, Dominos, etc.