GIVEAWAY - SmartTalk with Andie MacDowell

The SmartTalk series is wrapping up for the season next week with Andie MacDowell. She's been in countless movies and a bunch of she's probably familiar. 

Her talk is entitled, "Acting as a Way of Life." She's most famous for Four Weddings and a Funeral and Groundhog Day...neither of which I've seen. How can I have not seen Groundhog Day???? 

Tickets are as low as $25 or you can enter here to win a pair of tickets! 

I'm definitely looking forward to the show so I can hang out with my good friend Kelly and have a nice night out. Seeing these SmartTalk speakers has been such a great experience - especially Arianna Huffington and Tim Gunn! I hope Andie lives up to those experiences...

I'll be giving away the tickets on Wednesday of next week - so check your email that day! 

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