I was hoping there would be Firemen serving me...

So - we're up in the Colerain area now and I'm a Meijer shopper - those two things combined mean that I've seen Firehouse Subs more than a few times...but haven't taken the time to stop in - until now!

We did wonder if it was started by firefighters or if it was just capitalizing on the "Yeah America" theme. It didn't really say on their site - but they do have a foundation - so I'll give them an A for effort. 

Firehouse Subs also had the new Coca Cola Freestyle machine - I've seen this around a few places in Cincinnati. It's pretty cool - you pick your soda and then can add flavor to it and mix it all together and such. I went for a Cherry Sprite!

The firefighter theme is everywhere - but I have to admit - it's all pretty sterile and "new" - nothing authentic - just a lot of signs you can probably either buy or get made for $2.99.

They did take the theme one step further to have their own "fiery" hot sauce! 

And they offer a wide variety of other's hot sauces too!

I went for the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket on wheat. I thought it was pretty good - I still prefer Quiznos but all in all - it's a nice break from fast food and I'll stop again!

Why Should You Go? Well if you like toasted subs and you're in the Colerain area - it's a good stop. I liked it - it's nothing amazing or ground breaking - but if you have a kid in the family that loves firefighters - they would likely get a kick out of it!

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  1. We have one on Beechmont in Anderson. Sounds pretty much the same, but ours does have a hand painted mural of the Fire Dept. Memorial here in Anderson. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the soda machine!!!

  2. I grew up in Cincinnati, now I live in Jacksonville, FL.....Firehouse was started in Jacksonville in 1994 by actual firefighters! The Datil pepper sauce is amazing! It's a sweet, hot pepper that comes from the north Florida area.