The Food, The Consumer & The Restaurant: Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2012

I was sent an interesting InfoGraphic with some tidbits about restaurant research - as a consumer of restaurants - some of the stats were pretty interesting and I thought I'd share with you. We in Cincinnati know that LOCAL sourcing is a huge deal - but it looks like it's creeping out beyond the cities and across the rest of the country as well. 

Going local is a huge trend this year. From locally sourced meats and seafood to locally grown produce, trendsetting chefs are reporting a local focus in 2012.

A recent study shows 92% enjoy going out to restaurants, and 77% say socializing over dinner at a restaurant is a better use of their leisure time than cooking and cleaning at home.

Projections for the restaurant industry in 2012 peak at $631 billion - an estimated $575 billion in commercial sales alone!

* I was compensated for this post - but I have to say - it was kinda interesting too!

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