Giveaway Day! Goodcents deli fresh subs!

My Giveaway file has been CHOCK FULL lately and slowly but surely - I'm getting them all taken care of. It's fun to give you guys stuff though! 

This week - we'll end the week with Goodcents deli fresh subs in West Chester. It's in the general vicinity of Ikea off I-75. It's a fairly new chain that appears to have started in the Kansas City area. The West Chester location has been open since February. 

It's pretty much like Quiznos or any of the sub places - their online menu is pretty awesome! I'm considering going back on Weight Watchers and this place would be a dream for that! You can pick your sub and then as you add your toppings - it adds the calories for you. Nice! 

They slice the meat fresh to order - which is nice. Reminds me of a place back home - Blimpie!

They also have the new-fangled Coke machines that can give you like 1000 combinations. I've seen these around a few places but I think Goodcents was one of the first. If you haven't seen it - it is pretty cool:

It's a touch-screen and you pick your drink, then you can pick what flavor you'd like to add to it (cherry, orange, etc...) - then push the button and fill your cup! You can't get all the flavors in all the drinks (not sure why) but it is nifty. I tried a Cherry Sprite!

I got a Buffalo Chicken on Wheat (appears to be 460 calories for what I remember that I got). It was pretty good - the bread was really soft, the buffalo was tangy and spicy (but not crazy). All in all - a good sub!

I think Larry had the Italian on White with a few toppings (350 calories). His was good but a little oily from the meat choices. I tried a couple bites. Afterward though - he didn't feel so hot - so for some reason it didn't sit well with him.

Why should you go? Well if you're dying to try the Coke machine - that's one reason. I do think after a long day of shopping - it's a nice quick bite to eat. There are a lot of restaurants popping up in that area and I liked Goodcents well enough to go again.

Giveaway time! You can enter below to win a $25 gift card! We had one provided to us to try it and didn't even use the whole thing for 2 people - so you can take some friends with you!

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