A couple weeks ago - Cincinnati welcomed back one of my favorite events - Summerfair! It's an art fair held at Coney Island every June and this year we had one of the best weekends of the year! Not too hot, not too cold - perfect weather for a really fun day! 

The nice folks at Summerfair had given me a pair of tickets and another pair to giveaway - I hope my winner had as much fun as I did. 

I don't have too many pics of the art - but here's one that caught my eye - these hand-blown glass animals were so adorable! I really wanted to take one of these little piggies home for myself!

Paintings were everywhere - it's really a lot of paintings, sculptures and jewelry. This year I went with my good friend and her little girl and wow - it was a whole new ballgame with a cutie pie like this with us. Just seeing what she was drawn too was a lot of fun! 

This was one of the prettiest things I saw all day - the pictures themselves were really great and then being framed in this really cool antique-looking frame - I dug it!

There was also music happening all over the place - these two were just finishing up playing as we walked by.

Kettle corn was everywhere as well! These guys were whipping up batches of it right there for the masses. I'm not a fan of kettle corn - but it was fun to watch.

The kids crafts area was also something new for me this year. They had one area where you could make t-shirts for $3! You used crayons on a piece of paper and then they pressed them on the t-shirts. I made one for my little friend. The guys running the area were impressed with my artistic design - I probably colored about 3000 of those when I was a kid! No idea where the idea came from - but that was my go-to rainy day design.

There was also a ton of food - my first fresh ear of corn for 2012 and it was great! (I think she liked hers too.)

Her mom went for something a little more hearty and let me share it with her. The steak was perfectly cooked and there were potatoes underneath along with onions and mushrooms - that was some good stuff!

And how could you not end the day with a funnel cake?! My friend's husband was mighty jealous that we had one of these without him! Man those things are awesome!

So another Summerfair come and gone - it was a great time - I sure hope all of you got out there and enjoyed the weather and the arts/crafts. If you didn't - mark your calendars for next June!

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  1. Summerfair is my favourite Cincinnati festival. Used to go every year as a child, my fave thing was always the children's area loaded with awesome crafts.

    We would also tend to have an artist we would purchase a print from every year we went, not sure if she is still there but we always loved "the bird lady" as my brothers and I called her. Our collection was of her beautiful simple yet detailed pieces of birds. Carolyn Heffelfinger,