A&A, P&S, P&T - what's with the abbreviations?!

I'm a fan of greasy diners that are random and generic - why? Because they're not always greasy and they're not always generic. 

Near Northgate Mall we came across P&S Restaurant in a strip mall next to a ghetto quick shop kind of place. What's with the initials? I have no idea - there's P&T, P&S, A&A - ????? Anybody know? 

But here's my favorite part about P&S is the bar in front of a faux brick wall - love it! You know it was built in the 70s and has not been updated since! Love it!

Larry is always interesting with his orders when it's really "brunch" time - he tends to order half breakfast/half lunch. He went for toast and ham for part A.

The ham was really good! I never think to order ham - but it was a real treat!

I went for an egg, sausage, toast and biscuits and gravy. It's hard for me to compare to Bluebird in Norwood cuz it's really just on another level. The sausage patties were okay - but a little dry. The gravy was again - okay - not as good as BB - but not too bad. It was similar to McDonalds - if you've had that - creamy but a little watery and the sausage was really tiny bits and overall - there just wasn't a ton of flavor. It wasn't offensive (some are) but it wasn't great.

Larry's Part B was...a steak hoagie! Not a surprise...it's his regular order. This was ginormous and really tasty!

And then something else I enjoy - is finding a backyard that is a wreck. I wish you could see the full size of this - it's like a "find it" game - there was like a boot on a table, garbage, a duck, and empty swimming pool, a tennis racket and God knows what else! I just wanted to sit and marvel - but Larry wouldn't let me.

Why Should You Go? It's a cute little diner and if you're up in the Colerain/Northgate area - it's worth a stop. While my review isn't raving - it's very very clean and the service was excellent. They were so friendly and we really enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was - while not my favorite - solid.

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  1. P&S were the initials of the two greek founders; the "P" also founded the P&T restaurant in Finneytown on Winton Road south of Hempstead. The gentleman running the P&S (with his daughter) is married and his wife owns Maleva's hair salon behind the P&T. Her father might be the "P" -- all of this from conversations with my mother who used to get her hair done at Maleva's some years ago.

  2. Thank you so much for the explanation & history!