Cooking Light: 2 Delicious Recipes!

So my sister has come home to roost for a few weeks while she's awaiting her return to the world of academia. While she's here - she's becoming quite the chef! She's sort of taken to making dinner in return for living here - I'll take that. 

So I handed her the July issue of Cooking Light and told her to git 'ta cookin! 

Larry is a big fan of ham/pineapple pizza so this was first up. I have to say it was AWESOME! 

She even used less cheese than the recipe called for. We did use FRESH pineapple which I think helped but Meijer didn't carry Boars Head ham - so I bought the packaged John Morrell Off the Bone Smoked Ham. We also used the store-brand small premade pizza crust (like Boboli). 

We picked up some bone-in pork chops on sale and found this recipe and she made that tonight. I have to say - this was also delicious!!!! She's really good about making side items and having enough vegetables and such - which I'm not. 

For this we had steamed broccoli and the grilled tomatoes on top. There was a balsamic glaze on the chops and it was sooo rich and good. I forget how much I love balsamic vinegar in cooking. 

So thanks to Cooking Light for these delicious recipes and thanks to my sis for being around to cook for us!