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The folks at Dave & Buster's contacted me recently about coming out to their grand re-opening in Springdale. They've done a big remodel on the front bar area and also added quite a few menu items. 

I only had my phone with me - but the front bar is cool - it's huge and all white with these giant long tables where you could have a big party - or have multiple groups all just sitting in a communal setting.

The main dining area has changed slightly but not too much. I love the signage - it's bold and simple!

We started with a couple of apps: spinach dip and mozzarella sticks. These were both pretty good. The spinach dip was very creamy and cheesy but not as good as some I've had that also has artichokes. The mozzarella sticks were Larry's choice - meh - they were fine - nothing exciting at all.

Island Grilled Trifecta
Skewers of honey-teriyaki-glazed sirloin steak, seasoned chicken breast and tender shrimp, grilled and served on a bed of spicy rice medley. Served with pineapple pico de gallo, teriyaki BBQ sauce, and mango citrus sauce for dipping. 

Since we got two apps - we split a main entree. While this isn't "new" it is one of their "faves" so we figured it was worth a try. This was just ok as well - the chicken and shrimp were really good - the steak was bland. The rice was really bland. The sauces were all fine but I didn't really love any of them - and I'm typically a sauce girl. 

But to be honest - the food is only half the deal and Dave & Busters - it's really about the GAMES!!!! 

They have a TON of new games - which are IMPOSSIBLE to take photos of with a phone. This is a huge touch screen game that looked really fun - but by the time we got back to it - our game card was empty. :-(

If you're not familiar with D&B - you eat dinner and play games. You buy a game card with points on it and each game has a point value. We spent $25 ($23 for points and $2 for card activation which is ridiculous to me!!!!!). We played for probably an hour with that money - so combined with dinner and a few beers - it was a $70 night out. (FULL DISCLOSURE: D&B provided me $50 in gift certificates.)

They also had a big light up Pacman game you can play against two others. This was Larry's favorite and man it was rough! You get 3 times and you're playing against each other - so it goes pretty quickly. The tickets are plentiful on this game (gotta love those damn tickets). He kicked my butt here 3-0.

My favorite game was Connect Four! I used to LOVE playing this with my grandpa probably every day. This is a giant life-size version and was a lot of fun! Again - it's a best of 3. I beat Larry on this one!

There were a ton of other games as well - trivia, claw and video games a plenty. We skipped around and tried a bunch of games once. Most of them Larry won...

They have two hoops games - which I love. The short hoops game is my favorite - it's just a short shot and the one most places have. I beat him on this one - WOOP WOOP! Then he found the 3-pt game and he killed me on it.

All in all - the games are definitely fun - and we came away with enough tickets for a drinking glass for the house. We almost had enough for a frisbee for dog...grrr...

Why Should You Go? Well - the food is just okay - it's typical standard bar food. The games are kind of expensive but fun. There are also a TON of pool tables and games of every kind - so it is fun and there's a good variety. It's not a cheap night out - so keep that in mind - but it is fun.

I do have one thing to comment on - if you don't bring a game card - they charge you a $2 activation fee. Really - $2 for a swipe on a piece of plastic that probably costs half a penny? We also had a bit of an issue with the counter girl and our gift certificates - but I have to say - the manager cleared it up immediately and was very courteous - so that was strongly appreciated!

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And now you get the chance to try it for yourself! Dave & Buster's also gave me another $50 to give away to one of you! You'll have a week to enter and there are a lot of ways to do it. Enjoy!

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