GIVEAWAY DAY! Frisch's Big Boy - $50!!!!

The generous folks at Frisch's contacted me and asked me if I'd like to try their new Primetime Burgers - and give you guys a chance to win a $50 gift card! Um YEAH!

They have three new burgers: Bacon Blue, Ham & Cheese and the Classic Cheeseburger. We had 3 people and tried them all! 

I did also notice they have a new Portobello and Turkey burger - which we almost tried those instead - but we were here for Primetime!

This was Larry's choice - the classic. 

Sis went with the Bacon Blue (and some onion rings). 

While I branched out to the Ham & Cheese!

The burgers were pretty good! They weren't the most amazing awesome burger we've ever had - but for a quick chain - tasty stuff! They were also considerably larger patties than what you find on a traditional Big Boy (my husband's favorite breakfast food - I'm serious!).

We did find with the blue and the ham - it sort of took until the end of the burger to really taste the flavor. I guess it all got smushed to the end of the burger when eating - but once I got to the ham - it was tasty. I really liked that they grilled it a bit - added a bit more flavor. 

They also now have a "haystack" which was shredded potatoes, bacon, onion, tomato, cheese and a side of their own ranch dressing. At $4.25 it's a good price for as much food as you get. We all 3 shared and noshed on this one instead of having a side of fries. 

Why Should You Go? Frisch's Big Boy is a staple of Cincinnati. They're well-known for the breakfast bar but we actually favor the burgers! I'm not sure these primetime burgers will replace the Big Boy for my husband - but I'm eager to head back and try the turkey burger too!

Now for the fun part - they sent me a $50 gift card to give away!!! $50!!! That's a lotta burgers baby!

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