Mmmmm Deli Sandwiches @Silverglades!

Right now, we're a 1-car family (ugh) but when my husband drives me to work - it never fails - he's always driving by one particular place and saying "We need to go there!" - well we finally did! 

Silverglades! I've walked through the Findlay Market location many times but I work near the one at 8th & Sycamore. 

It's a bit overwhelming when you walk in - there's a big salad area and then the deli area, people everywhere! With the courthouse and P&G - it's a mad house at lunch. We finally figured out which line we should be in and jumped in quick.

So much stuff - side dishes, desserts, wraps, salads, deli meat & cheese - it's just overwhelming!

They also have specials of the day and hot food - but we had heard so much about the sandwiches - we had to try those first!

Hawaiian Bagel: Silverglades Home Baked Ham, Melted Smoked Mozzarella, and Pineapple ring served on a toasted Bagel. Served Warm

Larry went for the Hawaiian - he's a sucker for pineapple. He is STILL talking about this sandwich. He's not much of a bagel fan but theirs were so fresh and soft - he loved it. I tried a bite and it was really great - sweet but not too much. It just all went together perfectly!

Kelly Deli: Seasoned Peppered Pastrami served Hot with Imported Swiss Cheese and Boars Head Deli Mustard served on Marble Rye

I had the Kelly Deli - basically a Rueben without the sauerkraut & thousand island. It was pretty good - but the meat was AMAZING. 

Why Should You Go? The sandwiches we had were pretty darned good - especially Larry's - he always seems to make the better choice. The service was very friendly and the lady explained the set up to us a bit. It is overwhelming - so maybe the first time you go - avoid the lunch rush of 12-1. It's a great deli sandwich though - enjoy!

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  1. I love Silverglades, their deli selection is great and everything I've ever had there has been fantastic. One word of warning, the Findlay location can be kind of a disappointment...not their selection, but their customer service. I have left there so many times in a rage. The guy who owns it (Michael Silverglade, I believe) and works the counter most the time is very rude and abrasive. And I've gone their in the early evening, well before five, and had the girls at counter refuse to serve me because they had already cleaned their slicing machines...when they close at 6pm. I've worked in food services, I'm familiar with the urge to close shop as soon as you can. But shutting down both of your meat slicers an hour and 30 minutes before your supposed to close is a little ridiculous.

    I've never had a bad experience at the downtown location though. I may be mistaken, but I think Craig Silverglade runs the downtown one, which might explain the difference in customer service.