Moerlein Lager House - an A+!

My mom came to town recently and we decided to take her out on the town and check out a new place. Larry and I had been wanting to try the new cool place on the river - so off we went to the Moerlein Lager House

It has some cool architecture and I loved just walking around the building - there are a lot of great angles.

The view - amazing!!! It was a little too hot to sit outside - but the view was still there. Just looking out at the Roebling bridge and the river - really great!

Larry, Mom and I all tried the Moerlein Golden Helles - it seemed to be the lightest beer which is what we all like. I thought it was okay - but I definitely had to get some lemons for it to sweeten it up a bit. It was a bit bitter for me.

We were hungry and wanted to try an app - so we went for the soft pretzels which are served with beer cheese and spicy mustard ($7). It comes with three which was perfect for our table. These were DELICIOUS! They were warm and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, just salty enough - soooo good! The mustard was a little too spicy but the beer cheese was delightful!

Mom chose the Surf & Turf ($28) which had a 6 oz filet, lump crab cake, goat cheese & spinach risotto and some crispy onions. This was a HUGE plate and Mom definitely couldn't finish it. The waiter repeatedly told us it would be the best crab cake we'd ever tasted - and I'd say it was in the top 3. The steak also - amazing! Buttery and just melt in your mouth delicious!

Larry went to the more simple side with a BBQ Chicken Flatbread ($10). It also had roasted red peppers, gouda, mozzarella and carmelized onion. He enjoyed it - it was really big though and he couldn't even finish it all!

I had the Cedar Roasted Salmon ($22) - this was perfect! I seriously don't think I've had salmon this good. It was just a little on the medium rare side which is the best way to serve it. The red pepper relish was also a nice complement to the salmon. It was a little crunchy and a little sweet - good stuff!

The salmon came with a side of roasted tomato-goat cheese pesto linguini. Again - delicious! I was looking forward to a bit more goat cheese but the pasta and sauce was just delicious.

Why Should You Go? Well I have to say - this was one of the best restaurant experiences in Cincinnati. Our server was FANTASTIC! (John I think - but there were 3 - argh - can't remember - probably in his 30s-40s if that helps). He was attentive but not annoying - gave great recommendations - overall just right. The food - every bit was really delicious! I checked other reviews and there have been some spotty experiences but I can definitely say - our experience was wonderful. An A+!

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  1. I would never have thought to add lemon to my beer. Will have to try that some time.

  2. I do it all the time - started it after having Leinenkugels Honey Weiss and just liked it so always do! :-)