Need energy? This is the best! Emergen-C! (Giveaway!)

I don't know about you - but I hit the nap wall about 10x a day! I just can't drink Red Bull and Mt Dew like I used to - but luckily I found something that gives me a kick in the pants without kicking the crap out of my heart at the same time! 

Emergen-C should sue Snapple because it truly is "the best stuff on earth"!

It's healthy and all vitamins!!! And let me tell you - one packet of this in a glass of cold water - and you'll chase the naps away! 

I use this stuff almost on a daily basis - the other beauty of Emergen-C is it's great if you're starting to feel a cold coming on. I have a serious case of acid reflux and can't do OJ - so I drink this and again - boom - cold - GONE! 

I just can't rave enough about Emergen-C. This is the original flavor but now they've exploded and have a ton of flavors: Acai Berry, Raspberry, Dragonfruit and much more. They also have a Kids version that's a little less potent. There are other versions for specific things (Heart Health, 5 Calorie, etc...) 

The other thing I like is they are a good company with good heart - they do a lot of charity work

If you haven't had the chance to try Emergen-C - you can give it a try for free on their site!

But of course - since I'm the Food Hussy- I'm having a giveaway! You'll get to try some Emergen-C for yourself - I think you'll even get to pick your flavors! Happy Entering!

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  1. Quick question. Would you consider adding side links on your blog with your restaurant reviews listed by major Ohio cities so they're easier to view? I.E., Cincy, Dayton and Columbus (I know you have the long ABC lis)t ? You have so many reviews (thanks btw) that it would be nice to click on major city to check out the restaurants.:) Just curious...

  2. Nancy - actually nearly all of the restaurants I review are in Cincinnati. You might find a rare one in Dayton and the only thing I've done in Columbus was the food tour. If you do a CTRL-F and type in "Dayton" it will take you to the items on the list from Dayton since I always list the city with the restaurant name. Hope that helps!

  3. Alacer was established as a private company in 1972, focusing on vitamin supplements containing vitamin C.
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