TACO LOCO!!!! (you have to say that like a game show host)

So while my mom was in town - we were all STARVING and came across TACO LOCO!!!

Now I'm not sure you can capture the essence of this in text but I have this uncontrollable speech impediment that when I say TACO LOCO I must put my hands in the air and speak like a Mexican game show host announcing what's behind door #3. 

And here I am shouting it in front of the restaurant - TACO LOCO!!!!

I tried their authentic tacos - loco style of course. I got a couple of chorizo and one mushroom I think (no online presence so I can't recall). I thought these were just okay. The chorizo wasn't my favorite and overall the tacos just weren't as good as Taqueria Mercado or La Mexicana.

Here is another meal - I think it was my mom's. It just had sort of a muted color - those were some gray avocados.

Sis got fajitas - I have to say - these were pretty flavorful and the tomatoes were fresh.

Why Should You Go? Meh - the prices were fine - but I really like Taqueria Mercado much better for authentic Mexican food (or La Mexicana if you're closer to KY).

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