Who wants Cake Pops?

I love Twitter - it brings me updates on Big Brother and Days of Our Lives; it enters me into contests; it let's me chat with friends in far away places; and it brings me cake pops.

How does that happen? I chat with lots of people - foodies and beyond - and one fine day I was chatting with Talitha with Sweet T's Cake Pops. A few tweets later - we were setting up a time for her to bring me some pops! w00t for me!

Talitha brought me 3 different kinds of pops (top to bottom): Strawberry Lemonade, Red Velvet and Chocolate Covered Strawberry.

These were ALL delicious - like seriously - omg yum! My sister and I tried a couple right off the bat and then I decided (my butt decided) to take the rest to work. I was in a meeting and busted them out - the girls went nuts for them! 

Then my boss walks through (a dude even) and I offered him one - and of course - he accepted - I mean who turns down a bite of cake!?! A few minutes later - he comes back and says, "Whoa - those things are awesome!!!" Good job Talitha! 

I trotted the remaining couple around the office and they were happily accepted and quickly gobbled. 

Daisy even tried to convince me she should get one! 

These cake pops are delicious - if you're looking for a fun treat for a party or a friend - I would highly recommend Talitha. She's super friendly and will decorate the pops to suit. She has a variety of pricing depending on what you're looking for.

The best thing to do is contact Talitha via her Facebook page and tell her the Food Hussy sent you! (please - maybe I'll get some more!)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! It was a pleasure. I will definitely send people your way. And don't worry....it won't take much for me to make you more pops. :)