Burgers, Horses, Flea Market Fun and Lemonade

One of my favorite events of the year is the Backroads Farm Tour - I would love to see more local businesses band together for events like this. Thirteen businesses group together through the Campbell County Conservation District and put on the event - it's a great time! 

You get a map and head out on your way - there are animals, vegetables, lots of grills going and just a great time. You can get tours and learn a lot too! Here's the map from this year - in case you want to still check out some of the businesses - many are open to the public throughout the summer/year. 

One thing was that we saw a LOT of horses! It was great - I love horses - so it was fun petting them. 

My beautiful cousin Jewel was also able to spend the weekend with us. She was in town from Connecticut and hung out with us. We'd never actually met - so it was really fun to have her around!

Some of the farms had other business guests as well - these zinnias from Overlook Farm were SO gorgeous - but it was our first stop of the day and we knew they wouldn't be able to withstand the heat.

Horses weren't the only wildlife around - this llama and goat were bonding!

I joked that we were going to see Larry's relatives as well! hahahahaha

There were vineyards on the stop too - we had a little white wine and found out how it's made...

Upstairs there was artwork from local folks on display - I really loved this sign!

And then finally - what Larry had been talking about for a whole year - Little Rock Farm and their freezer beef! Last year we had a plethora of burgers throughout the day - but these were the ones Larry couldn't stop raving about! So at about 10:30am - we all dove into burgers - with Land O'Lakes cheese of course and topped with fresh tomatoes and lettuce. So delicious!!!!

This is the look of a man who is busy eating a delicious burger!!!

More fun animals at various farms - I think this was at Neltner's - because I remember seeing my buddy Rick there!

Jewel had been a little skiddish around the livestock but got braver throughout the day and was petting goats by the end!

Of course there were lots of fruit & veggies throughout the day - we came home with some good stuff!

My favorite stop was the Saddle Lake Equestrian Center - mainly because of Lindsay - who you see in the photo. She was our tour guide and gave us so much insight and knowledge about all of the horses - it was really great! And she just got 3rd place at Nationals - congrats Lindsay!

It was great having her show us around because the horses really know her well and this guy wouldn't stop itching his head on her! He was so funny!

Many of the farms had cats too - this little guy was friendly enough for us to pick up and get to know a little better!

After the Farm Tour - we headed to the newly opened Washington Park where they were having a flea market of sorts.

It was a pretty hot day and the kids were all enjoying the fountains...

We also saw a parade of folks from the World Choir Games heading to the finale show...

And there's a photo of my cousin Jewel and I - so good to FINALLY meet her and get to spend the weekend with another kid in our house!

And this is just a fun story to wrap up the day...we were driving around the countryside of Indiana and came across a little girl running a lemonade stand. Now - as everyone knows - you NEVER drive by a lemonade stand without stopping. This little girl was soooo cute - I just didn't take a photo so I wouldn't come off like a creeper.

She sort of looked like a less redneck and older version of Honey Boo Boo Child. We ordered 3 lemonades and a rice krispie treat and said, "So how's business today?"

After quite a long pause, this 9 year old entrepreneur said..."PAUSE - Well, not too good - you're only my 3rd customer of the day - but I'll keep at it."

We all BURST into laughter - it was such an adult answer and so thought out - we were laughing about that for weeks! We gave her a big tip...

So - there's our day at the Backroads Country Farm Tour as well as Washington Park and some lemonade from a spunky 9 year old. That all adds up to a fun day in the 'Nati.

Get out and explore!

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