Buying a car was ENJOYABLE??????

Okay - I'll tell you - this has nothing to do with food...but hey - when I have a platform like this - sometimes I like to share other things that aren't food-related because I can. So here's the big statement:


Can you fathom that? I know I couldn't. Seriously - I hate buying cars - I dread the dealerships. I dread the smarmy sales people and the pompous "finance" hoops you have to jump through. It's just awful! 

But yesterday - we went to Carmax. Why? Because it was on the way home. Best. Decision. Ever. 

First thing I loved is that while you're looking at cars - they appraise your trade-in. Then they provide you a written appraisal that's good - even if you don't buy your car from them. So you can go find your dream car somewhere else and they'll still buy your car! 

The appraisal was not only fair - it was a little more than I was even hoping for. We went to a traditional dealer a little over a year ago and were offered $4k less than Carmax gave us yesterday! 

Secondly - the finance process was a breeze! They don't actually have a finance manager in the building - it's all done in a computer program. Dump numbers in, spit answer out. No judgement. No waiting. No haggling. We got a better interest rate and it was done in less than 15 minutes! 

So here it is. I said goodbye to my Tonka Truck and hello to a Hybrid! 

I am going to miss the short bus - but I would much rather save $300/month in payment & gas! Wouldn't you?

So if you're thinking of trading cars, I urge you to check out Carmax and ask for Neal Gray - he was awesome! (that's him putting on the license plate). I will NEVER buy a car anywhere else. 


  1. Great post! I saw this linked on Twitter and gave it a look. I used to sell cars at CarMax and I liked it for the same reasons you were glad you shopped typical car sales BS! Congrats on your new ride.

  2. So what hybrid did you buy? Congrats! I didn't know buying a car could be painless (or at least less painful than normal)...that's good to know.

  3. I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid - love it!

  4. I've been MIA so I gotta get caught up on your blog! I am actually looking to buy a car right now too and can't stand the dealerships. This one guy will not stop calling me! Stalker! So I like this option. Question though, are they only good for trade-ins? I am not sure if I really want to give up my old Honda since it does still work... it would be nice to have it as a backup. What do you think? Congrats... love the car!

  5. Oh no Desi - you don't HAVE to do a trade-in. They have used cars up to 10 years old. It was fantastic! Ask for Neal Gray - tell him the yellow FJ cruiser sent you!