Downtown Lunch - one opens, one closes

Ah - the restaurants of Cincinnati - always opening and closing. LeBoxx closed this past week - but recently a new place opened - Silver Ladle! (Just a note - it says Walnut - but it's actually on 5th! I've been wanting to try it and a bunch of girls from work decided we should go on...


Yes - my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and my awesome husband sent me flowers and a balloon at work. The delivery guy said, "Um, I'm looking for HUSSY" - Lauren said - "Oh yeah, she's in the conference room." :-)

So here we are at the Silver Ladle. It's a really nice place inside and they have an outside area as well for when it's not 150 degrees. 

Here's one of my coworkers sandwiches - looks pretty damn good doesn't it! They have lots of combos and options. Salads, burgers, sandwiches, soups, chili (multiple kinds) - heart healthy, gluten free, vegetarian - lots of options!!

I got the Portabella Sandwich and a side of fries. The sandwich was good - very juicy - I didn't love the gouda - I like meltier cheeses. Overall I liked the sandwich but didn't love it. I do think all the ingredients are really fresh and 100% think it's a place that once I found a sandwich I LOVED - I'd always get that. The fries are probably double-fried or something - they have a bit of a batter maybe? They're really crispy and good...but the best thing was...

the ranch! Yeah yeah yeah - me and my ranch - but I took a photo of it just to remember it. It was definitely a homemade thick creamy ranch. Oh bestill my heart - when I find a good ranch - I savor it!

Why Should You Go? Kelleen couldn't stop raving (still today) about the chicken chili. I haven't found one person say they didn't like it. While I didn't love my sandwich - I did definitely like it enough to go back...and get more ranch.

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