Good Italian Is Hard To Find

My sis and I love love love pasta - love it! So we decided to grab a bite to eat and wanted Italian - it's not as easy as you'd think to find pasta places in Cincinnati. You can't throw a chopstick without hitting a Thai place - but Italian - not so much. 

We did come across The Spinning Fork on Rt 4 in Fairfield - we'd driven by many times and decided this would be as good a time as any to give it a try. 

Edith got soup first and it was fine - some chicken and rice I think. Decent flavor but nothing amazing here by any means. #signofthingstocome

This was my salad - I'm not sure if it's the iPhone or what but these just look sad! A bunch of iceberg lettuce with some mozzarella cheese on top.

And we got some breadsticks - these were fine. Not Olive Garden good - I'm serious!

We also got an appetizer of Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip ($6.29) - and here are our chips - really throw some parmesan cheese on a tortilla chip - wtf?!

And the dip. Now I'm not too picky when it comes to warm cheesy dips - so we liked and devoured this. It wasn't the best - heavy on the spinach, light on the artichoke. It was really creamy though so that was good. What's with the lettuce on the plate? I always always think of Gordon Ramsey, "If you're not supposed to eat it, don't put it on the plate." But all in all - this was probably the best part of the meal.

I asked for something really cheesy. I was in the mood for cheese and wanted thick globs of mozzarella that would instantly clog my arteries. I specifically asked for the cheesiest thing on the menu.

She recommended the manicotti ($6.95) and said she added the extra shredded cheese on top for me. This is not extra cheese. It was fine - but to me ricotta isn't cheese like I was wanting - I wanted thick mozz. I was hoping there was a lot on top - but there wasn't. The marina sauce they use is very red and not cooked very long. It was fine - but about as bland as can be. I want to be able to taste the oregano and the garlic!

Sis got the lasagna ($6.95) - basically looks like the same plate without the shred on top. She said it was fine as well but nothing exciting. 

Why Should You Go? We'd both have rather had Maggianos or Olive Garden. I think we're going to have to suck it up and try some of the more expensive local Italian places - like Germano's or Barresi's. The prices are very affordable though and it's not bad - it's just bland. 

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  1. Scotti's on Vine St by the library. It will change your life!

  2. Next time you're in Milford, try "By Golly's"

    Great bar food, but the Italian dishes are incredible!

  3. Have you never been to Pompilios's in Newport?

  4. I went to Scotti's once - it was ok - I just remember the giant phalic sausage (haha). Been to Pompilio's - I like it. It's hard to imagine I've had better Italian food in Des Moines Iowa!!!! I still need to try Rusty's and Baressi's.