Gotta Goetta!

I have decided I'm just not much of a festival person - I know - it's the Cincinnati thing - but I just don't love them. Overpriced food and drinks - kinda boring - blah blah blah. That said, I keep going to them. 

A couple of weeks ago, we all went to the Goettafest! Again - unless you're there to drink some beers - it's not that much fun - but it killed an hour of our lives - so it was fine. 

We had to get the Goetta shot - that's my sis on the left not getting into near as much as I did...she's such a party-pooper! And yes - that's Larry's thumb up in the corner...

That right there is a mobile zip line. I could just see me trying that out and then it toppling over. I'll wait until I'm in the wilderness for that one!

There were a LOT of food vendors - I was pretty impressed! This big ol' frying pan of goodness was screaming my sister's name. 

She wasn't brave enough to try the goetta (wuss) but she did have a sausage with onions and peppers. She enjoyed it but then wished she'd tried the goetta.

There was goetta mac & cheese, goetta burgers, goetta nachos, goetta brownies and so much more...

I went for the goetta philly cheese - I've really only had goetta once and didn't like it - so I was going for something covered in cheesy goodness just in case I didn't like the main ingredient.

Actually - I really liked it! It was pretty much like sausage and hash browns fried up together (taste-wise). It was crispy and salty and pretty darned good! I would definitely try goetta again - but not the mac & cheese - that stuff looked awful!

Have you been to Goettafest? What's your favorite way to eat goetta? Did anybody actually buy anything out of the Goetta vending machine????

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