Iowa Breakfast Showdown: Oscars vs Riverview

Recently I headed home (Iowa) and had my favorite meal - twice! Breakfast! 

In Cedar Rapids, we headed first to Oscar's. It was a regular dining spot back in the day and my friends hadn't been in a while - so we stopped by. 

I was so OFF the healthy eating this breakfast - but I RARELY eat breakfast out - so I decided to splurge. Let me say - these guys had it going on! Hashbrowns with cheese, perfect over-easy eggs and awesome sausage. Sometimes sausage is dry - this was really juicy and delicious. It's rare to find good sausage - I was in heaven!

Since it was an option - I also went for one blueberry pancake and oh my was it good! Delicious fresh plump blueberries in a light and fluffy pancake with warm syrup. MMM MMM Good! 

Why Should You Go? It's a damn good breakfast - they also have a big tenderloin. The place is always busy with lots of regulars. I will say though - Larry got the biscuits and gravy - not so good - it wasn't white gravy - it was more brown and not very good. So avoid that one...

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Then on our way back to new home (Ohio) we stopped to have breakfast with my mom. There's a cute little diner on the river in Muscatine that her boss recommended.

I tried to be a teenie bit healthier - if that's possible - and got eggs, ham and potatoes (minus the cheese). This was equally as good. The ham was very juicy and the potatoes were more like home fries.

I also had my favorite - SYRUP on my fried potatoes. My mom always did this when I was a kid - so having breakfast with her - I had to have some syrup on them for old time sake.

Larry got the biscuits and gravy - much better! These were the better white gravy and were really good. Almost as good as Bluebird here in Cinci!

Why Should You Go? It doesn't have the best rating but for breakfast - it was a great spot!

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