It's a Crab Showdown!

I am a big fan of seafood and am always looking for someplace new to eat - so when the folks at Mitchell's Fish Marketit contacted me about trying some of their new menu items - I was all for it! 

I did head to the Newport location because I was given their manager's info. We got there pretty early on a Friday after work so it wasn't busy at all. The decor is "fishy" and lots of warm woods - it's very "fancy Red Lobster" as Larry put it.

I got a House salad (Carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, dates, pine nuts, poppy seed vinaigrette) with my meal. The vinaigrette was really good - not too tangy and a bit sweet - I really liked it (I don't usually like them). I thought the dates were gross though - not a fan!

We also had fresh bread and it was great - very warm and crispy! The butter was hard (booo!)

This was the tater & asparagus that came with our meals - they were fine. The asparagus was a little underdone but the potato was great - I love the salt they rub on the outside. It was a perfect baked potato!

They also have a 3 course prix fixe special going on for fall - with 3 choices of meals starting at $19.99. The key is STARTING - so it's not really prix fixe - since each one is different - but oh well - it's still a good deal. Because of that - I went for the Snow Crab ($29.99) with salad, entree and dessert. 

The Snow Crab was good - but it was hard to get out and not really sweet. They did have decent utensils to help out.

When I ordered this one - we asked the difference between the Snow and King - the server said the King was bigger and much sweeter. With that Larry decided to get the King so we could compare.

The server was dead on - the King was MUCH sweeter and easier to get the crab out. We both preferred the King to the Snow...

Why Should You Go? Mitchell's was a nice dining experience and is a step above Red Lobster. While that might be a joke to some - it's really true. There's a little more space, it's a little pricier and the experience is a little more special all around. Is it heads and tails above? No...just a bit nicer all around. It was nice to try the two styles of crab bite-to-bite. I would definitely say it's a good option and probably one of my favorite at Newport on the Levee because it's one of the only non-burger places! 

Thanks to Mitchell's for the gift card - that new prix fixe menu is a nice all-around meal option!  

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