Off to Grad School...

Last month we took my sister onto the next step of her life - GRAD SCHOOL! Along the way we tried some good food and saw some things we've never ever seen before! 

What's this? We're at a gas station and they sell wine - in plastic "glasses" with "lids" on top. WTF?

Copa! It's classy stuff! 

This was the wonderland known as Sheetz...they have food too. You order on a screen and then they give it to you. It's actually pretty cool - we kept saying we were wondering if you'd get the "sh*ts at sheetz".

After getting the kid settled in, we checked out the downtown area and came across the Water Street Tavern. How can you resist an odd black raccoon-like animal? Water Street is the "bar" portion...

Cajun Daves is the restaurant portion - but it's all together. You order at the counter and then they call you up when it's ready. It's rustic and the menu has a decent size menu.

Larry got a huge burger of some kind ($7.50) and it was enormous and sloppy and delicious! He ordered fries but we barely touched them because the regular food was so good and so filling!

Sis got the Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese with Smoked Sausage ($8). I tried it and again - really yummy! The sausage definitely had a kick to it as well and the mac & cheese was nice and creamy. The plates are all disposable though - just an fyi - it's not fancy.

I got the Muffeletta ($8.50) - it was loaded with meat, cheese and goodness. This thing was so full and...

DELICIOUS! I didn't even bother with fries - I knew I was barely going to finish this...salami, mortadella, ham, provolone and olive salad. This is a damn good sammich!

Why Should You Go? Well - Kent might be a hike to drive - but hey - if you do - check it out. You won't be disappointed at the taste or the portions! Good stuff!!!

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  1. That wine was on Shark Tank. The inventor passed twice on offers to purchase and license his invention.

    Disney World has the same order system in some of their counter service restaurants.

    We love the Huss!