Summer Salads @ Noodles & Company

The generous folks at Noodles & Company sent me out a little gift pack of goodies that included free summer salads! I decided to treat my office to lunch - so we headed out in a couple cars to Hyde Park for free salads! 

No - this is not a salad. They added some new sides - this was cheesy garlic bread with marinara ($3.95). These were really good - the bread was crispy but soft and the marinara had a nice flavor. I was a bit surprised at how good it was! 

I tried the Backyard Barbecue Chicken Salad - it was tossed with a coleslaw type of dressing. We tasted the dressing on it's own and nobody else thought it tasted like coleslaw but I could tell. The corn was fresh off the cob and tasty! I have to say - the best part was the chicken! I've never been much of a fan of the chicken at Noodles but this was shredded, moist and delicious! I was a bit surprised there wasn't bbq sauce with it - but the salad was good on it's own.

A couple folks chose the Spinach & Fresh Fruit Salad...they all liked this as well and the biggest praises from this came for the croutons! These girls RAVED about croutons?!

Lastly was the Chili-Lime & Ginger Salad with Seared Chicken. Lauren is the only brave soul for this one but she liked it. She was happy with the salad and said - for a salad - it was good.

The only thing that most everybody said was that - while these salads were good - they weren't very big for an $8+ salad. They look big but the bowls are very shallow - so they are more or less plates.

I also just went and looked at the nutritional information and am a bit surprised that my choice of the Backyard salad had the least fat and calories - kinda surprised there. If you get dressings on the side - you can control that part a lot more.

Thanks to the folks at Noodles & Company for allowing my work to try these salads!

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