Biggest Tenderloin In The Land

When I go home - I tend to eat a lot. I can't help it - I love food and that's what I think of when I think of home. That said - my friends always let me basically dictate where we eat all weekend - which I love. 

My choice for the first night in town was Joensy's - Amy was a little surprised - but I said - I just want a big ass tenderloin. That will bring me joy.

Larry wasn't sure if the tenderloin had any egg so he went for a hot brown and was definitely pleased. Maybe the saying should be "Everything's bigger in IOWA" instead of Texas?!

Then it came...the heaven's parted, the angels were singing - there it was - my big ass tenderloin! I love how the cheese and bun are dwarfed by its power. It was all I remembered it to be and all I hoped it would be. Oh how delicious you were my porky friend!

Why Should You Go? Um - look at that - it's probably worth the seven-hour drive right now!

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  1. If ya'll ever get down here to Texas I'll take you out for a Texas sized tenderloin served on a jalapeno roll.