Cooking Light Recipes - Pineapple/Ham Pizza & Pork/Tomato Skillet Saute

One of the perks to having my sister live with us this summer was having dinner ready when we got home every night. It was pretty awesome. I was going through my camera and found these pics and had to share the delicious Cooking Light recipes she made them from! 

 First up was the Grilled Ham & Pineapple Pizza - while she didn't grill the pizzas - she did an awesome job of making them. She also went a step further and put less cheese on them then was in the recipe. They tasted AWESOME! And she's so ahead of the game - she even made asparagus for a side. I might just pay her to do this full-time after grad school!

Next up was the Pork & Tomato Skillet Saute. Again - amazing! This is the thing - I know I could eat healthy if I just had someone else doing the cooking for me. This was completely filling and delicious! The balsamic vinegar with the tomatoes came together for such a rich flavor - I couldn't get enough! Then, of course, the kid made rice & broccoli on the side so it was a well-balanced meal. 

I love that kid. 

I love Cooking Light too - thanks for the free subscription. I hope you guys enjoy the recipes as much as I did. And I'll be taking applications for a new personal chef doesn't pay much but you get to pet a great dog as much as you want!

Look at that face! 

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