Fortune Slow As Hell

After a day of volunteering for the completely awesome Spooky Pooch event - Larry and I were STARVING! We decided to try the Chinese place up town - Fortune Express

It's a little standalone Chinese place right off Hamilton on Compton. Inside is NOTHING to brag about - booths, tables, etc... with the standard Chinese decor.

So we were the 2nd table there and right after - the place got swamped! 5 tables and 4 take out orders. That said - they took our order before nearly everybody else got there. So then we waited. And waited. And waited. AND WAITED! It took probably 30 minutes for our crab rangoons and then another 10 minutes for our entrees. They had one guy cooking each order - one at a time. Whew! Do NOT go at a busy time!!!

I ordered Shrimp LoMein with extra mushrooms. What I got was Shrimp Linguine with a LOAD of white pepper sprinkled on top. Seriously - have you ever seen white pepper poured on top of Chinese food? WTF? The linguine - also - not so good. So - not a fan of this one.

Larry went for his standard sweet & sour chicken. It was fine. The chicken that was crispy was the best...and there wasn't any pineapple - which was a bummer.

Why Should You Go? Honestly - I'm torn. It has 91% like it but we just didn't. It was slow, my Lo Mein wasn't and how hard is it to get sweet & sour right? The rangoons were fine but nothing to write home about.

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