Pizza Pizza! Tomasos!

On the trip back home, we also decided we wanted PIZZA!!! We had gone to Zoey's the time before - so decided to have Tomaso's - which is a locally owned small chain in Cedar Rapids/Marion. 

They have 3 kinds of crust: Detroit Deep Dish, Chicago Deep Dish and New York Thin. They also have an open kitchen which is fun and the pizza oven guy has been there a long time and really makes sure your pie is the best!

We went for the Detroit Deep Dish - I like the cheese all the way to the edges to get crispy. This was some good pizza! I just love that bubbly edge and the toppings were great. We really enjoyed our pizza - but it was probably the company just as much as the pizza. 

Why Should You Go? I really like it - still think Zoey's is better but if you don't want to wait an hour for a table - it's a very close second.

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