Frosties: The Little Diner that Didn't

I love drives. I love diners. Put a drive with a diner - it's gotta be great - right? Not always. 

We headed to Christmas Around SabinaTown and that - was a bust. Most of it was crafts your grama would make and you would re-gift to someone else's grama. :-(

But surely a diner would fulfill the lack of crafting goodness...right?

We passed Frosties on the way into town so I thought - let's stop by. Larry said, "If this makes me sick - I'm not going to be happy." Come on!!! Buck up!

They have Keno! I have never played but found it interesting to find Keno in a diner...I think maybe there was a bar in the back too. Not sure...

Because of the craft shows - they were also selling homemade bread. I was going to hold off until I'd tried the food.

And hey - there were decked out for the holidays...

I got the Frostie Burger - which seemed like any normal Big Mac/Big Boy - it was a double burger with a "special sauce". I didn't hesitate - how special could it be?!

It was horrible! I never did figure out what the special sauce was but I think it was some type of honey mustard. It was really sweet and sticky and awful tasting. The burger had this sauce smothered all over it and dripping off. Yuck Yuck Yuck.

I couldn't even eat half of the burger - that sauce was just too overpowering. Then it didn't help that the burger itself was basically a thin awful meat-like patty.

Why Should You Go? Don't.

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