Product Review: Sea Cuisine Tuscan Herb Cod

For a while - I was a pretty heavy-duty couponer. I had my binder and my ads and my lists and my extra bucks...I enjoyed it. I got free stuff (which is fun) and planned my grocery visits exquisitely! But then I got tired. 

Ugh - it's just exhausting to plan your grocery visit 3 days in advance! So - I've ditched the coupons for a bit and (the horror of it) am paying full price for items - at least for now. But while I was couponing - I had a coupon for a free item from Sea Cuisine

I've not had good luck with frozen seafood products - but for free - I'll try it again. The Meijer I shop at didn't have a great selection - but I chose the Tuscan Herb Cod. 

Premium flame seared fillets with garlic, basil, and Romano cheese plus roasted bruschetta finishing sauce. 

Sounds pretty good - right? Well you open and there's the fish fillet and then a frozen packet of sauce which you thaw in a bowl of cold water or in the microwave. 

This is the piece of fish after baking - looks pretty tasty and if it were actually cooked! 

Then with the sauce on top...

The Verdict: Disappointment again. I know I know - there's no need to buy packaged processed fish when the fresh stuff is so much better!! I just got caught up in the coupon craze and couldn't pass up a free product! It tasted very "chemical" and just like it came out of the freezer. The sauce did help it's cause - but not by much. 

So yeah - don't buy this crap. Any of it. Even if it's free. Give the coupon to someone you don't like. 

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